All about AdWords and Google´s certification program

A new challenge for our company.

We design and promote with Google Adwords in 3 different languages.

In less than 1 week we have the first contacts.

Google has upgraded its certification program.

Now you need to take 2 exams in order to become AdWords Professional.

First step is Fundamentals Exam, this exam is easy for most AdWords consultants that work on a daily basis with Google AdWords.

Second you have to choose between Analytics Exam, Displa Exam, Search Advanced Exam.

Analytics exam is recomended for advance user of Google Analytics, find all stuff related with: conversions, goals, linking Google with Adwords .

Display network is another alternative. Your exam will include questions about how ads are showed in Google´s network partners, management of sites,  cloud keywords.

Last you have the Advance Search. For most this is the best option, but questions are a little bit more dificult than other.

Take your exams and become Adwords Professional.

Google AdWords Certification Program is the official stamp that recognises individuals and companies.

  • Company certification distinguishes a company as skilled in AdWords management.
  • Achieve Individual Qualification and become AdWords professional. Master AdWords and be recognise as an online advertising expert.

In this blog we will keep you update with information about AdWords Certified Partner.

You can read more at Google´s Official Website.

Youtube video about Google AdWords Managment


Logo for english markets.

Logo for English Markets

Other many logos for different partner programs can be found at:

This is a very good story. Watch Google AdWords Success Story: Twiddy & Company Realtors

Spanish SEO

SEO is very similar to cooking. If you want to cook  high quality food you need to start with the best ingredients. Spanish SEO in the same way requires quality texts and copywriting.

But cooking is also the art of mixing food and in Spanish SEO we use a WordPress blog to mix all text and info to combine and ad real value.Spanish SEM and WordPress Blogs for SEO

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